Halloween without ’scary’ chemicals

10. okt 2019

Halloween makeup is very popular and therefore the Danish Consumer Council THINK Chemicals has checked the ingredients in 116 makeup products. 2/3 of them are ”good choices”, which makes it possible to send monsters and witches out in to the night without unwanted chemicals on their skin.


Halloween makeup
Photo: Istock

Makeup can contain substances of concern

Every year Halloween is a chance for everyone to scare each other silly. The American tradition has been picked up by the Danes and scary people now wander the streets in the month of October. The Danish Consumer Council THINK Chemicals has assed 116 sets of make-up for Halloween, varying from zombie makeup with scars and blood to witches or tattooed scary monsters.

The children love the spookiness of Halloween, but unfortunately the reading of the ingredients can also be ’scary’. 34 products cannot be recommended, and receive an 'C’ in the test because they contain substances that can have endocrine disrupting effects or potentially cause allergic reactions.

Endocrine disrupting chemicals are suspected to cause several ailments such as declining semen quality in boys and early puberty in girls

One product in itself may not pose an immediate risk, but it is the total exposure which could be problematic. Present regulation does not take the cocktail effect into consideration and this is why The Danish Consumer Council THINK Chemicals focus on the chemicals and fight for a better regulation.

Choose the ’good’ makeup

The test shows that it is possible to make-over the children without using unwanted chemicals. More than half of the products are awarded with the ’A label’ and therefore they are a good choice for the transformation of the kids.

Facts about the test

116 Halloween products have been assed in the app Kemiluppen.

  • 76 contain no unwanted chemicals and are given the “A label”
  • 6 receive a “B label” because they contain perfume or substances that can be a problem in the environment.
  • 34 contain one or more unwanted substances and cannot be recommended – “C label”

In this test unwanted chemicals are substances that have shown endocrine disrupting effects in animal studies, certain allergenic substances (not perfume) or substances which are banned in cosmetics.