7. dec 2016

COOP Änglamark Økologisk Kokosmælk (Iceland)


The can contained bisphenol A og BADGE i the inside lacquer. The content is not above current limit values, but it contributes to the total exposure of endocrine disrupting chemicals.. The can did not contain bisphenol F and S.

Coop, who sells COOP Kokosmælk and Änglamark Økologisk Kokosmælk, says that the tested cans are produced before Coop banned BPA in the lacquer. Coop also says that the BPA has been substituted with BPA-NI in May 2016. BPA-NI means “Bisphenol A Not Intended”. This means that the new lacquer does not have BPA intentionally added, but very small amounts can be present because of contamination from the production.

Minusser (stofferne er tilladte)


Minusser (stofferne er tilladte)